Women’s Fiction and Romance Writers Retreat


Join us on August 23, 2015 for three and a half days of  Babes On The Beach 2015, a writers conference for Women’s Fiction and Romance writers. In addition to participating in craft workshops presented  by literary agents, editors and published authors, you’ll be able to attend morning yoga on the beach and a schedule of fun wellness workshops guaranteed to enhance your mind, body and spirit connection.

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Women’s Fiction and Romance with Erotic Themes


Rape of the Sabine Women by Pietro da Cortona

We are very selectively requesting erotic fiction, but not straight erotica.  There is a very fine line.  We have no interest in works of fiction that are erotic scenes loosely connected with bits of story.  We are looking for women’s fiction and romance with erotic themes and erotic love/sex scenes , about 70,000-90,000 words in length. Stories should include the psychological aspect of erotic play and be written in a mature and intelligent fashion.

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